Construction is PIVG core competence. The activities of PIVG are as complex as the challenges facing the company and the demands placed upon it. The company is active in all sectors of construction and provides full service capabilities for the turnkey development of industrial and commercial buildings including consulting, planning, permitting, design and engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and facility management. PIVG takes care of your project from the first moment on. A PIVG project is exactly within the contractual time schedule and budget and of particular importance - the final hand over result will be beyond your expectations. The PIVG "Value Added Chain Principle" is the key factor for our lasting business success in the construction businesses. Our product and service portfolio covers every link in the project value chain. The four modules engineering, procurement, construction & development as well as operation are closely interrelated. Services such as facility management, insurance and a business model in which clients, architects and engineers work in close cooperation from a project's earliest stages, are the optimal strategic complement to our construction and project activities.


PIVG is highly specialized in the following project development areas: Civil Engineering Construction Manufacturing Oil & Gas Infrastructure Telecommunications Among its many clients in Middle East and India , PIVG is recognized as a prompt and reliable deliverer of successful results. Being flexible and dynamic at all times, PIVG adapts easily to meet all potential requirements of the prospective customer. The company's top professionals are ready to address any core businesses stipulations in the fields of engineering, energy, construction, electro mechanics, manufacturing, procurement and project management. PIVG development services include ownership positions in projects and companies. PIVG owns and operates projects that are linked to its expertise in the manufacturing, engineering and construction industry, especially in the real estate, energy and construction related factories' sectors. By combining the owner's perspective on development with an engineer's technical understanding, PIVG has grown into one of the largest and most successful firms.


PIVG's proficient procurement staff operates on their established procurement procedures and work collectively to provide: Worldwide sourcing of materials Economical materials Correct materials Appropriate time delivery of materials Right material on site Exact place of material delivery This practice is made possible through a well-organized coordination between PIVG's Procurement, Planning and Engineering departments that leads to develop into a preeminent process, which resulted, on a waste free and timely delivery of materials required on every project to the satisfaction of its clients. Apart from ensuring that all materials being purchased delivered and used on projects site are all in conformance with the customer requirements, PIVG established a system to approve and monitor the performance of its suppliers through: Preliminary suppliers' assessment questionnaire Computerized suppliers evaluation system

Construction & Development

PIVG has emerged as a steadfast front-runner with a wide range of construction services: Land development High-rise tower buildings (commercial and residential) Town houses Luxury villas Airport buildings By incorporating PIVG construction expertise early in each phase of a project's life cycle PIVG can generate significant project savings for the clients by proactively anticipating identifying and resolving potential project challenges. Expertise the high international standards of the PIVG Projects: Integrated Management System: PIVG is implementing the Integrated Management System (IMS) of the following International Standards:
* ISO 9001:2008
* Quality Management System
* Environmental Management System
* Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Construction Execution Resources:

PIVG construction resources facilitate effective mobilization of equipment and construction teams in all projects. We have our own Plant and Machinery Department that provides all equipment needed for timely completion of the projects. Regular inspection by a third party inspection agency is being carried-out on regular basis to all equipment to ensure safe working condition at all times. PIVG Training Program for all levels is being conducted In-House and Off-House. PIVG believes that people at all levels are the essence of an organization. Their full involvement will enable their abilities to be used for the company's benefit. Quality Assurance PIVG has defined all the vital components to assure that all technical, design and functional requirements of our clients are met. Quality Assurance ensures that all project quality requirements are identified prior to execution of work. All verification, inspection and testing activities during construction (including subcontracted work) are carried-out by qualified QA/QC Personnel in accordance with established Project Quality Plan (PQP), Inspection & Testing Procedure, Method statements and Work Instructions. All inspection measuring and test equipment (IM&TE) in use are controlled, calibrated and maintained and/or validated in accordance with the established PIVG procedure. Quality Assurance ensures that measurement uncertainty of IM&TE is known and is consistent with the required measurement capability. Internal quality audits are being conducted to objectively evaluate the adequacy of the functions, procedures and effectiveness of the quality systems. Corrective and preventive actions are being taken to eliminate the causes of actual or potential non conformities to a degree appropriate to the magnitude of problems and commensurate with the risks encountered.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

PIVG upholds Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) on all its endeavors. HSE responsibility and accountability generates value for our Clients. Providing meticulous guidelines for the setting up of appropriate prevention activity and promoting health care and good working environment for all personnel. PIVG ensures full regulatory compliance and cost containment to fulfill the company's obligation in protecting its employees against injury or impairment of health. Year-round training and seminars at all levels Strong Safety Organization


PIVG Operation Services are being provided by different departments and facilities.

1. Management Consultancy

PIVG Management Consultancy Unit provides services to local companies in Qatar in the following fields:
* Systems Studies
* Computer Simulation
* Business Process Re-engineering
* Computer Feasibility Studies
* Software Evaluation
* Design And Implementation Of System Networks
* Security In Computer Systems
* Hardware Selection
* Computer Audit
* System Integration

2. Material Management & Maintenance

Our material management performs :
* Material Cataloguing
* Material Classification
* SPIR/RSPL Review
* BOMs
* Asset Register
* Hierarchy
* Maintenance Strategies
* Maintenance/ Shutdown Procedures
* P&ID updating etc.

3. Manpower Management

Providing services of skilled Manpower such as:
* Planners
* Procedure Writers
* Mechanical Technicians
* Electrical Technicians
* Instrument Technicians
* Material Engineers
* Material Cataloguers
* Process Engineers
* Discipline Engineers
* Software Engineers

4. Trading Unit

PIVG Trading Unit brings considerable knowledge and experience in supplying wide range of:
* Production Consumables
* Industrial Equipment
* Materials Handling
* Instrumentation
* Telecommunication
* Environmental Products to India's ever-growing industrial sector
* Installation, commissioning and service support for the products and equipment supplied by various principals.

5.Operation & Maintenance Unit

PIVG Operation & Maintenance Division provides complete maintenance services for most of the luxurious towers and villa compounds internationally.